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Sarca indica, Ashoka Tree, Ashoka

Botanical Name : Sarca indica
English Name : Ashoka Tree
Hindi Name : Ashoka
Sanskrit Name : Ashoka, Mandar

This evergreen tree is native to India and Sri Lanka. Please note that Polyalthia Longifolia which is known as Ashopalav is also known as Ashoka, but this is not true Ashoka tree. This tree is a member of Caesalpiniaceae plant family. This is a small evergreen tree.

The leaves are par pinnate, dropping; the leaflets are 4-6 in pairs. The young leaves are red in color. The flowers bloom in January to May. The flowers are very fragrant.The pods are linear – oblong, compressed and 4-8 seeded. The tree is one of the sacred trees in India.


The tree is worshipped in Chaitra Month of Indian Calendar. The tree is dedicated to God  Kama, the Hindu god of Love. The bark is strong astringent and used in uterine infections, very useful in menorrhagia.

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