Health Benefits

One of the important thing that people also used spices is for their health benefits. There are certain spices that are stronger than medicine that has been manufactured. They are also cheaper and so if they are available in one country, people also use it so they could be able to be cured or recover. It is not just the spices but also the herbs are great to be used alternatively than having medicine and being treated using the medical tools and equipment.

That is why there are many who make herbal supplements in many forms. It is a billion dollar industry now as many are being conscious of their health. Let us know some of the herbs and spices and what they can help. Let us start with basil which is already popular as it is sweet and also mild in flavor and it is used as anti-bacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and others. Second is black pepper which relieves indigestion and constipation, improves oral health and can treat respiratory disorders.

Cassia bark is another one that can lift the mood and use as an anti-inflammatory. The clove which is widely used here in India isĀ used for the treatment of halitosis and tooth decay and can eliminate your headache. If you need to increase your good cholesterol, have a good digestive system, need manganese or iron or magnesium then coriander is what you should have. Cumin is also used for fighting cancer, treating skin disorders, and others. More spices are there.