Essential Spices

It is known that India is the country of spices as they use them heavily when they are cooking. It may be because also of the hot weather in the country. They have to have something to combat the weather and one good solution are spices. They are full of benefits and they could be used in cooking to achieve the benefit or consumed or prepared in another way. Let us know some of the essential spices when one is cooking here in India.
One of the spices is cardamom which has two kinds. It could be the black or green one.
Another spice is the clove which is very common in cooking. It is already recognizable to many even when it is cooked. Cassia bark is another interesting one that is mostly used in cooking. This is preferred compared to cinnamon as it has a milder flavor and it could also be produced in big amount. Black pepper is also on the list. The preparation is to be toasted and then blended but they can also use the fresh pepper directly to the dish being cooked. Another spice is the cumin which is prepared as freshly ground so that the flavor would be intense.
Another spice which is considered as one of the oldest spices that have been used around the world is the coriander. The seed has the pleasing aroma that is very good. The mace and nutmeg is one that you will not miss to see also in the menu of India when it comes to spices. Mustard seeds that can vary in color are also used. Lastly, the fenugreek leaves which is dried to be used as a spiceĀ is an essential one.