Herbal Plants you can Grow at Home on Glass Containers

If you don’t have a front yard, backyard, or a garden, that’s not a problem. Growing plants at home is actually possible even without those areas in your house. Even herbal plants can possibly grow if you just put them in a glass container with water. The procedure in growing these herbal plants is actually very simple. Get fresh cuttings of these herbal plants and leave about two to three leaves at the top of each cutting. Then, make sure to remove the remaining leaves.

One of these herbal plants which are commonly used especially as a tea is the peppermint. Get fresh cuttings out of this plant, leave 2-3 leaves at the top and remove the remaining leaves. After preparing the glass container with water, soak the plant. It can survive in partially  sunny or shady windows. Another herbal plant is the oregano. A bigger container is needed for this plant as it can grow quite large. Also, the sage plant is easy to grow at home. Keep it under moderate sunlight. Learn more here if you travel to this place. I have some recommended agency to help you apply for visa check the original source of their site here. Best opportunity for travel.

A very popular herbal plant as well as used as a spice is the basil. This herb can easily grow even in a jar of water. Since it is commonly used in cooking, it would be good if you also grow this at home. This plant needs much sunlight. Another herbal plant is the stevia. It can grow both in sunny and shady areas. The thyme which is also commonly used in cooking can easily grow even if you put it in a glass or jar container with water. See most of these beautiful flowers abroad. You can also apply from this agency to help and guide you 台胞證費用. This is best.

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