Fruits and Vegetables that have Strange Shapes

When you go to either the public market or supermarket, you might have seen some fruits and vegetables with strange shapes. Since we are all used to the normal and common shapes of various fruits and vegetables, some of these will appear as weird before our very own eyes. In the video below, you can see for yourself how strange the shapes of these fruits and vegetables. You will agree once you look at them one by one. Some of these looked like the transformers.

If you can’t believe it, then watch the video. Some of these fruits and vegetables had an animal shape. Whether it is accidentally or intentionally, these are weird yet amazing. Just like the tomato that look like a rabbit; a squash in a shape of an ugly duckling; a strawberry that has a shape of a cute little bear; a lemon that might deceive many thinking it is a banana; carrot having the shape of a foot with complete finger toes, and potato that appears like a teddy bear. This is an all out classic travel company service. This travel service memories got the best and outstanding for your visa service tips 泰雅旅遊. Thankful to have this travel service for my trip.

These are just few of the fruits and vegetables mentioned. Also, there is a radish that appears like a woman sitting with cross-legs; a carrot that look like a robot; a tomato with two horns on top of its head; an eggplant that appears to be like Pinocchio having long nose; a radish that look like a witch; a sweet potato that appears to be like that of a fetus; a radish that look like a big foot and so on. Travel and check these amazing vegetables in China. Conduct your passport and visa now here 台胞證辦理 台北. One of the recommended agency for you to know.

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