Spice Producing Countries

Spices are already discovered to add different flavors to food. It can make a great difference to what food can taste when spices are added. Spices are known to be very important to food but also they have a good benefit for the health as well. That is why they are even imported to different parts of the world. Spices are now part of the everyday lives of people. Let us also know what are the top countries that are producing spices and the second in rank.

When it comes to ginger the country that produces the largest amount is India followed by China. Turmeric is still India and second top producer is the country of Pakistan. As India is already known as the heart of spices, it tops in most of the top five types of spices. That is why it is still the first in terms of chili pepper and cumin. The second is China and Turkey respectively. Indonesia also has a great role in other spices as it is the one who now holds the top position when it comes to vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

In that same order, the second countries who produced them is Madagascar, Grenada, China and again Madagascar.

A new entry to the list is Iran which is the number one in terms of saffron and the second is the country of Spain. Pepper is lead by Vietnam and the second is India. Use of spices vary in each country but India is a leading consumer and producer.